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Boom Bip

Los Angeles, 07.09.21

With Boom Bip

Lex Records artist Boom Bip scrapes beneath the surface of the status quo by loosely basing his mixes on electronics and the new waves they produce.


  • Devendra Banhart And Noah Georgeson
    Asura Cave
  • Stars Of The Lid 
    A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning(less) Process
  • Brin, Josiah Steinbrick 
    Lexus Resist
  • Snd 
  • Phonem 
    Currents (220V Offshore)
  • Boards Of Canada 
  • Toxe 
    Honey Island
  • Joy Orbison 
    Froth Sipping
  • Joy Orbison 
    Glorious Amateurs
  • Pearson Sound 
    Everything Is Inside Out
  • Blawan 
    Immulsion (That Kind Of Kink Mix)
  • Ikava Pii
    The End Of The End Of History
  • CW/A 
  • Grouper