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Boomkat w/ The Death of Rave: Winter Solstice MMXX

Manchester, 20.12.20

Online record store Boomkat dedicate their catalogues to the best records offered up by the independent and underground, along with “post-generic objects of wonder.” They hit up the NTS studio once a month for a quick run through of their favourites.


  • Nozomu Matsumoto 
    Sustainable I
  • Teresa Winter
    What’s Wrong With Tombstoning?
  • Oï les Ox 
    Rien Ne Tient Dans Tes Mains
  • Teresa Winter 
    Iso E Super
  • Mark Leckey
    O Magic Power Of Bleakness
  • Bomb Sniffing Dogs (Leyland Kirby mix) 
    Black Pool (Pleasure Beached Mix)
  • Christos
    Plain Ghost Dance
  • Black Mecha 
    The Third Point
  • Service Animal
  • Cam Deas 
    Drift Through
  • Ronce