BORN N BREAD w/ Obongjayar

London, 27.04.19

BORN N BREAD are a creative collective of friends from South London, and they head up a bi-weekly music and lifestyle show every other Saturday morning. Expect to hear non stop laughs mixed in with everything from R'n'B, hip-hop and trap through to grime, dancehall and Afrobeat.


  • Young Money
    Trophies Ft. Drake
  • Unknown T
  • Abigail & Ivoriandoll
    Spare Me
  • Morrisson
  • Ms Banks
    Snack (Ft. Kida Kudz)
  • ItsNate
    Time Out
  • Kelis
    In The Morning
  • Stormzy
    Vossi Bop
  • O.T.I.S.
    Lean To The Right
  • Lisa Mercedez FT Ms Banks & Stylo G -
    Yu Zimme Rmx
  • Frass Ft. Abra Cadabra & Kush
    Real Life
  • DJ NG, Katy B, MC Versatile
    Tell Me (Club Mix)
  • Kyla
    Daydreaming (Original Radio Edit)
  • Wiki
    Elixir (Ft. Obongjayar & JJ)
  • Obongjayar
  • Obongjayar
    Never Change
  • Obongjayar
  • Everything Is Recorded feat. Kamasi Washington, Obongjayar
    She Said
  • Chance The Rapper feat. Francis & The Lights, Jeremih
    Summer Friends

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