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Braden Wells

New York, 29.09.21

Braden Wells brings a monthly selection of tunes ranging between new wave, minimal synth, industrial, electro and more from the ice-cold 80s and beyond.


  • Хей Джуд Структура
  • Inrain 
    ...And Julie Rose
  • Isabel’s Dream
    Blue Morning
  • Seefeel 
  • Buttechno
    Flyin Voice R
  • Grauzone 
    Film 2
  • John Maus 
    Times Is Weird
  • Liaisons Dangereuses 
    Mystère Dans Le Brouillard
  • Martin Dupont 
    Shake Your Flowers
  • Joanne Robertson 
    Hi Watt
  • Jonatan Leandoer96
    Under Heaven
  • DJ Pitch, Organ Tapes
    Special Word
  • Olan Monk
  • Klein
    Hope Dealers