Live now

Brown Acid Trippin' w/ Lance Barresi of Permanent Records

Los Angeles, 29.02.24

Life is short, have more fun. Lance Barresi of Permanent Records goes for all vinyl 45's, live and direct from the Los Angeles studio.


  • Omega
    Gyungyhaju Iany
  • Onyx 
  • Orange Peel 
    I Got No Time
  • Ofo The Black Company
    Beautiful Daddy
  • Ohio Ltd 
    Wham Bam
  • Opus 
    Baby , Come On
  • Opus Est 
  • Ocean 
    Bad Things
  • Olaf 
    Rue Du Désespoir
  • Old Scratch
    Devil Take Me
  • Osage Lute 
    Watch Em Shine
  • Orion Hunter 
    Fast Life
  • Oprhann
    Can't Last
  • Original Swift Brothers Band
    Rich Man's Music
  • Osmonds (Utah Saints mix) 
    Crazy Horses (7" Mix)
  • Others
    Easy Squeezy