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BUBBLES w/ Heart Pressure

Los Angeles, 07.01.20

A monthly broadcast from LA’s filter bubble-bursting party collective featuring conversations and selections from Bubbles’ guest performers and resident DJs Buckmonster, Water Sports, and Kevin McGarry.


  • Witchdoctor
    From The Inside (Original Mix)
  • Selfhood
    Test My Love
  • Mariah Carey
    Emotions (Action Replay Codes Edit)
  • DJ Chap
    The Highest
  • Hypesteria 
  • DJ Thro
    We Just Deny It
  • DJ Rashad 
    Luve U
  • Ella Mai
    Trip (One Duran’s Jungle Edit)
  • Hank 
    Tru Story
  • Captain Backpack 
  • DJ Chap
    All The Way
  • J-Zbel 
    Diablo Verde Part. II
  • DJ Frankie
    R3N3 4Ngel4 3Di7
  • DJ Manny 
    House Of S0ul 19
  • PlayPlay
  • DJ Sega 
  • FaltyDL 
    Ill Bent
  • Nar
  • DJ これからの緊急災害
    Memory Replace
  • Aux 88 
    Electro Muzik
  • DJ Seinfeld
    Electrian (Original Mix)
  • PlayPlay
    Love You More
  • Grinder6
  • DJ Taz, Raheem The Dream 
    That's Right (Remix)
  • X5 Dubs
    Don’t Mess (Original Mix)
  • Heat Pressure
    Napkin Interlude