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Los Angeles, 23.09.21

With Budgie

Livin' Proof's BUDGIE – serving up jazz, hip-hop, soul, beats & more from his sprawling record collection, once a month from our LA studio.


  • Big Body Bes 
    Tears Of A Tiger
  • Jay Worthy Tf & Budgie
    Do Something Feat Traffic & Bale
  • Jay Worthy Tf & Budgie
    All For The Check Feat Dreebo
  • Lynda Dawn (XL Middleton mix) 
    Roses (XL Middleton version)
  • Jay Worthy
    Wait On You Feat Leven Kali & Na-Kel Smith
  • Sideshow
    Interchangeable Feat Mavi & Na-Kel Smith
  • Kitty Cash
    Just Fine Feat Kiana Lede
  • Drew Byrd
    2hunna Remix
  • Venna
    Sun Moon & Herbs
  • Tyler The Creator
  • Six Sev
    Fuck Gentrification
  • K Le Maestro
    Cant Fake It
  • Traffic
    Never Told
  • Boldy James & Alchemist
    Turkey Noodle Soup Feat Bandgang Lonnie Bands
  • Cousin Stizz
    Say Dat
  • Jazz Cartier feat. Buddy 
    Two of 'Em
  • Pink Siifu
    Wayans Bros Feat Peso Gordon & Conqest Tony Philips
  • Kanye West 
    Junya, Pt. 2
  • D Smoke 
    Shame On You
  • Na-Kel Smith
  • Liv.E
  • Drake
    Pipe Down/ Budgie Remix
  • Morriarchi & Koncept Jackson
    A Toast
  • Wiki 
    Can't Do This Alone
  • Pink Siifu feat. Maxo 
    Call tha Bro (Tapped In)