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Los Angeles, 06.05.21

With Budgie

Livin' Proof's BUDGIE – serving up jazz, hip-hop, soul, beats & more from his sprawling record collection, once a month from our LA studio.


  • Lowrell Simon 
    Love Massage (Long Version)
  • The Paul Simpson Connection
    Use Me Lose Me Instrumental
  • Stimulus, Milton Smith 
    You Blow My Mind
  • Columbus Circle (Tee Scott mix) 
    If You Read My Mind (Instrumental)
  • Barbara Joyce 
    Message In The Love
  • Marz 
    I Got A Boyfriend Now
  • Sahara 
    Dub So Fine
  • Cargo 
    Tender Touch
  • 3rd Party 
    I'm Serious (Instrumental)
  • Charles Scott 
    I Need Your Love (Dub Mix)
  • Stage Coach 
    Mystic Mood (Instrumental)
  • Gaby Lang
    1,2,3 O Clock Dub
  • Paul Hardcastle, 1st Light 
  • Ellie Hope 
    Lucky (Instrumental)
  • Electric Funk
    On A Journey Instrumental
  • Cool Notes
    Spend The Night
  • Tara 
    Fresh Flesh (Instrumental)
  • The Circle City Band 
    Party Lights (Shake Your Body Get Loose)