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Bunny Hoova x Gunge

Manchester, 24.09.22

Gunge and bunny decided to play happy hardcore inspired emo tracks with a bit of r&b / noise. Whilst Gunge was layering floor fillers with real feelings in Manchester, Bunny got stuck with an empty battery laptop from Dijon to Paris, they used bits of phone recordings including the previous night with samples of Claudine Simon’s set from the 1st edition of R.Æ.V.E festival in Dijon.

Special thanks to Carmel & Dom.


  • Gino-Cochise
    LBM III {One Track}
  • LEYA 
  • Claudine Simon
    Unknown Track
  • Lady-Lamp
    Live Performance At SOUP Manchester, 21.7.22
  • Xxxtentacion
    Unknown Track