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Pavel Milyakov w/ HMOT

Moscow, 27.09.21

With Buttechno

Qhead of his upcoming debut album on Slovakian label Warm Winters Ltd., a Siberian-born, Moscow-based artist Stas Sharifullin shares his newest collection of sonic oddities featuring some occasional field recordings and a whole bunch of unheard sound signals from HMOT himself, the Klammklang label he co-curates and fellow artists and musicians.


    MODOL (Forthcoming Klammklang)
  • Ria Dar
  • Nikita Bugaev
    Zini (Forthcoming Klammklang)
  • HMOT
    Deichlinie Original
  • Nikita Rasskazov
    Clarinet Improv At Plateau Lago-Naki
  • HMOT
    Cam Epilogue (Forthcoming TBA)
  • Anna Litovskikh
    Field Rec At Uktus, Yekaterinburg
  • HMOT
    Affect_ion (Forthcoming TBA)
  • Diana Romanova
    J+R (Forthcoming Klammklang)
  • Rupert Clervaux
    Spoken Word From HMOT 'Son 0' (Forthcoming Warm Winters Ltd.)
  • Eeefff
    Field Rec At Rostovskaya Cave, Karachay-Cherkessia
  • Hmot feat. Medina Bazargali 
    J|lt-j|lt Etken G’ac|kt|ktar
  • Eeefff X HMOT
    Concert For Radar Station At Su-Psekh (Excerpt)
  • HMOT
    Drone Protocol X231.Morrigan (Forthcoming Neoplasm)
  • Hugo Esquinca
    Acción [VoiP_99dBSPL] (Forthcoming Klammklang)
  • HMOT
    Deichlinie Resynthesized
  • HMOT
    Crushers Pt. II (Forthcoming TBA)
  • Diana Romanova
    S Feat. Elina Bolshenkova (Forthcoming Klammklang)
  • Ria Dar
    New Life
  • Masha Herz
  • Katz Mulk
    Troughs (Forthcoming Klammklang)
  • HMOT
    Ulia Strings / Burnt Room (Forthcoming TBA)
  • HMOT
    Revolution 0 Feat. Rupert Clervaux (Forthcoming Warm Winters Ltd.)