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Carla Dal Forno

London, 26.09.23

With Carla dal Forno

The Blackest Ever Black released singer-songwriter Carla Dal Forno stops by NTS' London studio once a month for an hour-long show featuring original productions side by side with old favourites and inspirations ranging from minimal synth to folk and dream pop…


  • 0:00:21
    J and the woolen stars
  • 0:02:53
    Very Hungry And Very Thirsty At The Same Time
  • 0:04:44
    Tara Clerkin Trio 
    The Turning Ground
  • Rat Heart & The Peanuts 
    Here We Are (Laaaaaa)
  • Umeko Ando
    Iuta Uopo
  • The Air Music International 
    Crucial Dub
  • Crawling With Tarts 
    Treasure Death
  • Memotone 
    Wrapped One Within The Other
  • Ad Hoc 
    The Mist
  • Nadine Perron
    The Ocean
  • Lewsberg 
    The Joy Of Spring
  • Kroppskännedom
    Blicken På Folk
  • Tony Njoku
  • Primitive Structures 
    A sense of homeliness
  • Pumice 
  • Eyes Of The Amaryllis
    King Enters Room (January 1991)