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Carla Dal Forno

London, 28.09.21

With Carla dal Forno

The Blackest Ever Black released singer-songwriter Carla Dal Forno stops by NTS' London studio once a month for an hour-long show featuring original productions side by side with old favourites and inspirations ranging from minimal synth to folk and dream pop…


  • Electroscope 
    Space Travel
  • Laila Sakini
    What I Got
  • Malvern Brume 
    Middle Dock
  • Jonnine 
    Stare Too Long
  • David Chesworth
    Greater Expectations
  • M. Sage, Spinnaker Ensemble 
    Cloud Plexus
  • Matthew Young 
    Dummy Line
  • Pacific... 
    Henry Said
  • Iznatz & De Stervende Honden
    Heidenhain Shuffle
  • Benjamin Lew 
    Le Parfum Du Raki
  • Lida Husik 
  • Troth
    Balancing Arc
  • MARV 
    Stable Mate
  • O Yuki Conjugate
  • Moonlove
    All Your Mysteries