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Carla Dal Forno

London, 31.08.21

With Carla dal Forno

The Blackest Ever Black released singer-songwriter Carla Dal Forno stops by NTS' London studio once a month for an hour-long show featuring original productions side by side with old favourites and inspirations ranging from minimal synth to folk and dream pop…


  • Blue Chemise 
    Chrysanthemum no 1
  • Maxine Funke 
    Moody Relish
  • Malvern Brume 
    Harsh Miniatures
  • Espers 
    Flowery Noontide
  • Crescent 
    Roman Roads
  • Stone Breath 
    Seven Things Placed In A Hollow Tree
  • Félicia Atkinson
    Enter The Memory Of A Crowd
  • Polku
  • Minau
    Final Service
  • Monokultur 
    Inget Att Bry Sig Om
  • Tintomara 
    Don’t Give Me Instructions
  • Vincent Over The Sink 
    Number Theory
  • The Garbage And The Flowers
  • Stefan Christenen
    Wandering Gaze
  • Eno 
    Golden Hours
  • Mammy 
    Mizu No Naka No Himitsu