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Carolina Soul - Gospel LP Special

North Carolina, 01.05.20

Carolina Soul is a record seller based in Durham, NC, USA. They specialize in rare and classic soul, boogie, gospel and modern-- obscuro tracks from the Carolinas and beyond, mixed with all-time bangers and ballads.


  • Bill Moss, The Celestials 
    There Must Be A Reason
  • Gospel Specials
    He'll Be There
  • Brockington Chorale
    This Old World
  • Voices Of The Temple
    Early This Morning
  • Chustz & Powell 
    Just Like Clay
  • Infinity
    Take It To Jesus
  • Soul Liberation 
    Touch Me Again
  • Soul Searchers 
    Serve Him
  • Church Of Love Choir
    I'll Take You There
  • Rev. James Paden, The Koonce Brothers 
  • Reginald, Jean Lowe 
    No Question About Your Love
  • The Holloman-Aires
    Amazing Grace
  • Silver Trumpets
    Mother's Prayer
  • Jr. Dynamics 
    Pressing On
  • Trumpelettes
    A Fool Would Build His House On Sinking Sand
  • Violinaires
    I Shall Be Released
  • New Life, Olivia Branch Walker 
    New Life
  • Sensational Five Stars
    I Won't Turn Around
  • Soulful Southernairs
    Stand By Me
  • Phil Brown & God's Earth With Love 
    Little Abraham's Praise
  • Richard Farmer & Friends
    I'm A Soldier
  • Wondering Souls
    God Is Watching You
  • Dynamic Melodyaires
    We Will Serve The Lord
  • Canaan Choral Ensemble
  • Walter Hawkins
    I Won't Be Satisfied
  • Consolers
    I Shall Not Want
  • Willie Neal Johnson, The Gospel Keynotes 
    Troubles Of This World
  • Lighthouse Gospel Singers
    Nothing Between Us
  • Gospel Jubilee
    The Same God
  • Fantastic Sounds
    You Name It
  • Ramada Singers
    Stand Still Jordan