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Carolina Soul

North Carolina, 28.06.19

Carolina Soul is a record seller based in Durham, NC, USA. They specialize in rare and classic soul, boogie, gospel and modern-- obscuro tracks from the Carolinas and beyond, mixed with all-time bangers and ballads.


  • Steve Tibbets
    Ten Yr Dance
  • Dave Bixby 
  • Bread,Love And Dreams
    My Stair-Cupboard At 3 A.M.
  • Daybreak
  • Ray Harlowe And Gyp Fox 
    Danny’s Blues
  • Jon & Jodi
    Come Along W/ Me Child
  • Scott Seskind 
    Hope Hope Hope
  • Relatively Clean Rivers 
    A Thousand Years
  • The C.A. Quintet
    I Shot The King
  • Stan Hubbs 
  • Pärson Sound 
    Sov Gott Rose-Marie - Parts 1-3: "It's Only Love", "Till Indien" And "Sov Gott Rose-Marie"
  • Nathan Bowles 
    In Kind II
  • Jake Xerxes Fussell 
    Michael Was Hearty
  • Garrett List 
    Your Own Self
  • Joel Van Droogen Broeck
    Robot Tiger
  • Steve Hilage
    Four Ever Rainbow
  • Angel Bat Dawid 
  • Su Tissue 
    Salon De Musique
  • The Collective 
    Beginning Roots Part I