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CDR Audio Show

London, 08.08.13

From the initial inspiration and early demo, right through to polished master, Tony Nwachukwu's CDR AUDIO show celebrates the creative journey of tracks-in-the-making with the help of special guests from the CDR community and beyond.


  • Heather
    Billy Cobham (Ft George Duke On Keys)
  • Love
    George Duke
  • Excerpts From The Opera Tzina
    George Duke
  • Someday
    George Duke
  • Mellow Magic
    Quincy Jones
  • Theme From Midnight Express
    Georgio Moroder
  • I Love Every Little Thing About You
  • Jeannine
    The Montgomery Brothers
  • Days Of Slavery
    Burning Spear
  • Chant
    Delroy Washington
  • O Estado De Sao Paulo
    Carlos Vergueiro
  • Ra Na Grasha
    Ras Michael
  • Drummers Around The World
    Norman Connors
  • Bimbo Bimbo
    Tapper Zukie
  • Kwalanga Bafana
  • Whistle My Soul Away
    HKPW Collab
  • Knockgliss (Arosei Rework)
    Tod Dockstader
  • Don't Mind The Rain
  • Psychedelic Journey
    HKPW Collab
  • AzJaz
    Henry Rafael
  • Equal Silhouettes
  • Untitled
    Mo Kolours
  • Billy Butler
    Jeen Bassa
  • Lolita
    Paul White
  • Poet's House
    Jeen Bassa
  • For Everybody
    Al Dobson Jr.
  • Untitled
    Mo Kolours
  • Auger Claps
    Jeen Bassa
  • Pressure 2
    Al Dobson Jr.