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Channeling w/ Ivan Smagghe & Nathan Gregory Wilkins

London, 16.03.21

With Ivan Smagghe

Old friends and hapless mavericks Ivan Smagghe and Nathan Gregory Wilkins present a fortnightly window into their ramshackle musical world. A show with absolutely no rules (as they'd only break them). We love the unmixable, old & new. We are oddballs and we love you.


  • Legendary Pink Dots 
    Golden Dawn
  • Jonnine 
    Walking Thru Walls
  • Poly Styrene 
  • Jah Wobble 
    Old Jewish East End Of London Dub
  • Woodleigh Research Facility
    There Was A Glow
  • Minimal Man 
    High Why
  • Martin Gore 
  • Cos 
    Mein Maschine Ist Schön
  • Zillas On Acid
  • Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors 
    Stefania's Song
  • YL Hool
    W/O Love
  • Michael James Pollard
  • Mister Deltoid
    Untitled Film Music 2
  • Jon Collin 
  • The Parsonage
    Steve’s Lament
  • Autarkic
  • Finis Africae 
    Hybla (Hybla)
  • Kiri Uu 
  • In Flagranti
    I’ll Read What I Damn Well Please
  • Art Alfie 
    Dance To The Conga
  • Atom TM 
    0.9 (Almost A Unit)
  • Napoleon XIV 
    They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!
  • Btx3R/F01101/Exe
    Gin Poo
  • Aeroplane Footsteps 
  • Necronomicon, Rite De Passage, Richenel 
    Amsterdam Noord (Unreleased Demo Version)
  • MUMIA 
    Ave Do Deserto
  • Ufo Hawaii
    Let’s Take A Trip To Asnadhi
  • Sam Gopal 
    The Sky Is Burning