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Channeling w/ Ivan Smagghe & Nathan Gregory Wilkins

London, 07.11.23

With Ivan Smagghe

Old friends and hapless mavericks Ivan Smagghe and Nathan Gregory Wilkins present a fortnightly window into their ramshackle musical world. A show with absolutely no rules (as they'd only break them). We love the unmixable, old & new. We are oddballs and we love you.


  • 0:00:10
    A Journey Of Giraffes
    Good Luck Numbers
  • 0:02:23
    Cinnamon Soulettes 
    I'll Show You How
  • 0:05:30
    Die Welttraumforscher 
    Sweet Bird
  • Roy Budd, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
    Sun On My Face
  • Planetary Peace 
    Gentle People
  • Suzanne Vega 
    Walk On The Wild Side
  • Charlene Darling
    Tout S’efface
  • Naked Beast
    Carl’s Crazy Thing
  • Darren Hayman 
    You Were My Map
  • King Kong 
    Scooba Dooba Diver
  • Om Unit (Double O Dub Agent mix) 
    Acid Tempo
  • Ranking Ann 
    Moonlight Lover
  • Sea Of Dillusions
  • Hydroplane 
    The Love You Bring
  • Jumbrel 
  • Zongamin
  • Primitive Art
    Love Liquid
  • Richard H. Kirk 
    Never Lose Your Shadow
  • System Olympia
    Hitachi Star
  • K Domestic
    Dance All Night
  • Muslimgauze 
    Dimashq Frequency
  • Italiks & Deep Fried Dub
    Crown (Misled Convoy’s Shadow Of Humanity Dub)
  • Lust Pattern
    Forming Lines
  • Nico 
    Sixty Forty
  • Fortuna Edits
    Layla (Radio Trip Edit)
  • The Three Night Wizards
    Money ! Money!
  • Brute Force 
    Nobody Knows