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China Social Club

Shanghai, 29.07.18

A monthly show from the Shanghai based DJs Frau and PCJ. Their monthly is a mix of local Chinese influences combined with new finds that have been making their knees buckle. Occasionally too, the pair do China specials focusing entirely on a sound or era of Chinese music. China Social Club curates the Live from Shanghai broadcast.


  • Doris Day 
  • 林忆莲
    匆匆 (Remix)
  • Bayete 
    Open Your Heart (Vula)
  • Pink Rhythm 
    Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
  • 林忆莲
    一分钟都市·一分钟恋爱 (六分钟版)
  • Thomas Brinkmann 
    8 Ba
  • Lone 
  • Mystic Bill 
    U Won't C Me (Original Mix)
  • Mall Grab 
  • DJ Oblong 
    Speed Your Rage To Me
  • Faye Wong 
    Shame (DJ Sprinkles Private Edit)