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Mended Dreams w/ Claire Rousay

San Antonio, 30.08.21

With Claire Rousay

San Antonio producer & sound artist Claire Rousay journeys through healing plaintive electronics, quotidian field recordings & minimalist compositions…


  • Anne-F Jacques / Takamitsu Ohta
    Oto To Secchi
  • Theodore Cale Schafer 
    It's Not A Skill, It's A Curse
  • Claire Rousay
    Dyin’ Laughing Demo (Unreleased)
  • Field Recording On IPhone 7
    W Sunset Blvd
  • William Basinski 
  • Field Recording By Marlawiel123456789101
  • Sleepy Sword
    Does This Sound Like A Dream To You
  • Perila 
    Fallin Into Space
  • Kajsa Lindgren 
    For Voice I
  • Kajsa Lindgren 
    For Voice II
  • Field Recording
    Dog Chewing
  • Tomberlin 
  • Liv Landry, Sean McCann, Eric Schmid 
    Content, Iteration I
  • Tender Crust
  • Claire Rousay
    Piano (Unreleased)
  • Youtube
    Being Ugly And Having No Friends At 46 My Experience
  • Field Recording
  • Aaron Cartier
    Viva Rosa