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COBY SEY w/ George Finlay Ramsay

London, 24.06.24

With Coby Sey

George Finlay Ramsay joins Coby to discuss "Flesh, Wax & Glass" a collaborative film project he is heading, which charts three years of a sacred blood ritual in a small town in Calabria, Southern Italy, and a family's process of mourning. The project is directed by George Finlay Ramsay and scored by Coby Sey. During the show, they played some traditional and contemporary Calabrian music, African-American spirituals and interviewed Calabrian-based ethnomusicologist and composer Christian Ferlaino.


  • Christian Ferlaino
    All’erva Ridicchia
  • Santo Muraca
    Sonata A La Zampugna Nostrale
  • Coby Sey
    Car Theme [Flesh, Wax And Glass]
  • Coby Sey
    Synth Motif [Flesh, Wax And Glass]
  • Odetta 
    Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  • Mary Lou Williams
    St. Martin De Porres
  • Unknown Artist
    Supra ‘Na Petra Vurrai ‘SSittari
  • Odetta
    God’s Gonna Cut You Down