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Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy Presents: Balearic Brunch

London, 05.11.23

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy presents Balearic Brunch, a monthly celebration of her weekly Balearic Breakfast. She'll be exploring her expansive collection of house, disco, psychedelia, rock, jazz, funk, reggae, folk and whatever could be considered, Balearic.


  • 0:00:17
    Haruomi Hosono 
    Ambient Meditation #3
  • 0:04:10
    Saint Malo
    Le Point Roulant
  • 0:10:00
    Philamore Lincoln 
    The Plains Of Delight
  • Twelves Caesars
    Ride The American Wave (No’West Vocal Remix)
  • The Senior Allstars 
    Slipping Into Darkness
  • Pigeon 
    Infinity (Josh's Extended Disco Mix)
  • Jaxzing
    W Ucisku (Polotronic Remix)
  • Sanctuary 
    I Am Going To Love Him (Instrumental)