Live now

Confused Temporalities

London, 05.07.16

Unearthly early/late sounds with Confused Temporalities: expect found footage, ambient sonics, experimental avant-electronic sketches and whatever else doesn't fit the mould.


  • Luc Ferrari
    Presque Rein 004
  • Christian Fennesz, Jim O'Rourke 
    I Just Want You To Stay
  • 3: Arca
  • 4: Philip Jeck
    Called In
  • 5: Asmaa Azzouz
    Keep Silent
  • 6: Mary Akanides
    Field Recording Amsterdam
  • 7: Af. Ursin
    Capsule Detached
  • 8: Bernard Parmegiani
    Du Pop A L'ane
  • 9: Alarm Will Sound
    Blue Calx