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Confusing Mix w/ Josh Da Costa

Los Angeles, 23.07.21

Lock in for a monthly transmission of leftfield sonics from Josh Da Costa live from LA.


  • Eternal Triangle 
    Stay With You
  • New Musik 
    24 Hours From Culture - Part II
  • Michael Dane 
    The Dead Are Making Love
  • Private Image
    It Is Night Again
  • Legendary Pink Dots
    Closet Kings
  • Armande Altaï 
    Balance-toi Lola, Seule Sous La Luna, Nue Dans Les Lilas.
  • David Harrow 
    Complete Control (Night-Time Sleaze)
  • Cathy Gilliat 
  • John Taylor
    I Do What I Do
  • Michael Dane 
    Let's Make Love
  • Studio 
    Ecoute En Multidimension N°3
  • Belladonna 
    I Remember