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Conor Thomas

Manchester, 29.08.21

Conor Thomas co-runs the Boomkat Editions and The Death Of Rave labels, as well as spinning records all over - including on NTS. Expect choice selections tending towards the grimmer and darker ends of modern electronic music's fringes…


  • Evol
    Speed Snake
  • Pan Sonic 
  • Black Sea
  • Oyisse 
    Dark Side
  • Paul Marmota
    Doble Cara
  • Ragazza XXI 
    Água de Pena
  • Musical Keyboard System 
  • 1991 
    Open To The Dark
  • Peter Rehberg 
    Boxes & Angels
  • Jonathan Bepler 
    Giants Prologue
  • Blacksea Não Maya 
  • Oï les Ox 
  • Klein 
    Understand Our Tracks
  • Marina Rosenfeld
  • NWAQ 
    Above I
  • Laura Cannell & Kate Ellis
    The Invisible Hour
  • Christos Chondropoulos
    Relics (RAVE036)
  • Terry's Neu Wuss Fusion
    Sex On A Rail Train
  • Ronce
    Sauvage Feat Hajj
  • Koketanc
    Love Eats Love
  • Spencer Tune 
    Nightmare (Maggot's Over Antwerp)
  • Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    Dumardum (Dholkimix)
  • Xiao Quan
    Chakram Intel Bulletins
  • Mbulelo
    Play The Beat
  • DJ Black Low 
    Downfall Revisit
  • Baby Ford And The Ifach Collective 
    Word For Word
  • Like A Tim & Gina V. D'Orio
    The End Of The World
  • Ábris Gryllus 
    Object 12
  • Orphan Fairytale
    Oe Firefly