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CWW: Contain Special

Los Angeles, 28.10.19


  • Coolwater
    Set One
  • Richard Pinhas 
    The Last Kings Of Thule (Part 1)
  • Mikhail Chekalin
    Minnie - Requiem
  • Mo Boma 
  • Steve Hillage 
    Ether Ships
  • Joe Hisaishi
    Majis Mushroom
  • Davide Allen
  • Patrick Hearn
    Fire Ritual
  • A-Soma, The Unlightened 
    The Canals Of Mars
  • System 7 
    Gliding On Duo-Tone Curves (Cascade Mix)
  • Nodens Ictus 
    Somewhere Indian
  • Angel's Breath 
  • Nodens Ictus
    The Songs Of Ra
  • Nocturn Seduction
    Night Communication
  • Army Of Lovers
    Also Sprock Alexander
  • Mikhail Chekalin 
    Dance Continuation
  • Richard Pinhas 
    Iceland (Part 1)
  • Kraan 
    Silky Way
  • Davide Allen
  • Steve Hillage 
    U.F.O. Over Paris
  • Spiral
    Set Two
  • Les Rallizes Dénudés 
    The Last One
  • King Asha 
    Crank Angle Part 2
  • Phil Lynott
    I Still Think Of You
  • Philip Lynott, Thin Lizzy 
    Revolution (Unfinished)
  • Gene Hunt
    Freddie's Dead
  • ZZ Top 
    Legs (Special Dance Mix)
  • Spiral
    The Kiss Of Death
  • Track Stars
  • Sic Alps 
    Description Of The Harbor
  • Typo Negative
    My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
  • The Smashing Pumpkins 
    Raindrops + Sunshowers
  • Felt 
    Crystal Ball
  • Mikhail Chekalin
    As If It Was Not From Here