Country Hayride w/ DJ stevesomers

London, 24.02.19

Crispy Cowboy, of East Lonesome Drifters fame, explores the foundations of country and Western music. Expect outstanding vintage records from old-time, hillbilly, folk, Nashville sound, western swing, outlaw, red dirt, Bakersfield and more.


  • Charlie Daniels
    Uneasy Rider
  • Bobbie Gentry, Glen Campbell
    All I Have To Do Is Dream
  • Steve Somers Western Boogie Band
    San Antonio Rose
  • The Settlers
    The Lightning Tree
  • "T" Texas Tyler & His Oklahoma Melody Boys
    Old Fashioned Love
  • Johnny Bond
    Take Me Back To Tulsa
  • Phil Harris
    That's What I Like About The South
  • Steve Somers Western Boogie Band
    Lady's Love Outlaws
  • Jonny Cash
    I'd Rather Have You
  • Steve Somers Western Boogie
    A Song Of Wyoming
  • Minor Four
    My Favorite Things

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