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Creep Zone w/ James Pants & Marc Schaller

New York, 12.07.21

With James Pants

Stones Throw's James Pants joins forces with Marc Schaller for an hour-long dive into dreamy electronics, wired sounds and experimentation.


  • Lil' Slim feat. PxMxWx 
    Where Your Ward At!!
  • I Like It (Mannie Fresh Style)
    Ms. Tee
  • Bella Vista 
    Mister Wong
  • Tom Ware
    China Town
  • Race 'N Rhythm 
    Teenage Girls
  • Ronald Marquisse
    Electro Link 7
  • Pleasure 
    Thoughts Of Old Flames
  • Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra 
    Phantom Planet
  • CV Vision
  • Flying Lizards
    Her Story
  • Merge 
    Nervous Guy
  • Karl Biscuit
  • Chasman 
    Somber-Daze - Vocal
  • Wayne Horvitz 
    These Hard Times
  • Mikołaj Hertel 
    Każdym Zmysłem, Każdym Nerwem
  • May East 
  • The Poptown Syndicate 
  • DMX Krew 
    Galaxy Love (Brian Ellis Remix)
  • Pivot Clowj 
    Havoc Man
  • Vicky Tafoya
    My Vow To You