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Creep Zone w/ James Pants & Marc Schaller

New York, 15.06.20

With James Pants

Stones Throw's James Pants joins forces with Marc Schaller for an hour-long dive into dreamy electronics, wired sounds and experimentation.


  • Ibrahim Farrah
    Raks El Quaria
  • Tiana
    Freaky (Ice Underlord Mix)
  • Wally Badarou 
    Dance In The Dust
  • Cheikha Rahma 
    Jab Lahmala Rmaha Alya
  • Lou Blic 
  • Lavina Yelb 
  • Tullio De Piscopo 
    Samba Carnival
  • Norman Connors (Don Murray, Skip Drinkwater, Tommy Vicari mix) 
    Just Imagine
  • Vas Deferens Organization 
    Alpine Gamelan
  • The Huck-A-Bucks Band & Show 
    So You Think We Can't Groove
  • The Trinity Sisters
    You Can Never Leave My Heart
  • Kofi 
    Reggae Starship
  • Tropical Rainstorm
    Flying Bird
  • Royal Steel Band 
    Schubert's Serenade
  • Kofi
    Looking For Love
  • Shadow 
  • Steve Shehan
  • Cybe 
    The Running Water
  • Ibo Combo 
  • Gene Rains And His Group 
    Tropic Trade Winds