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Crypt of the Wizard

London, 14.07.22

Evil dirges to satisfy your darkest urges…


  • Veitsi
    Dimensional Decadence
  • Buk
    Den Otteogtredive Tommers Forbandelse
  • Bloody Winds 
    In The Sign Of Destiny
  • Controlled Death
    Dirge For The Departed
  • Grail Wizard
    An Entity Dressed In Shadows
  • Bätlick 
    War Bär
  • Weathered Crest 
    Dead White Horse
  • Gauntlet Ring 
    Silver In The Stars
  • Circle Of Ouroborus 
  • Utzalu 
    Onward To...
  • Longmont Potion Castle 
    Nipper 1
  • Occulted Death Stance
    Parting Shot