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Anna Homler & Steven Warwick: Breadwoman (Live From CTM)

Berlin, 05.02.16

With Anna Homler, Steven Warwick

The first resurrection of the DIY performance art project, 'Breadwoman' by Anna Holmer and Steven Warwick (a.k.a Heatsick). The Breadwoman is "so very old she's turned into bread"; birthed from the imagination of Homler and collaborater Steve Moshier during the eighties. Homler sings in a made-up language over Moshier’s drenched, locomotive loops. The collaboration was marked with a cassette release in 1985, which has upon its 30th anniversary recently been reissued as Breadwoman and Other Tales by Brooklyn’s RVNG Intl.

Recorded by Tito Toblerone at HAU2

Photograph: Udo Siegfriedt

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