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Dancing_ DJ Smurphy Takeover

Los Angeles, 04.11.14

With DJ Purple Image

Hello and welcome to "Dancing" on N.T.S.. Presented by D.P.I.. This second edition is a very, very special and lovely presentation. Currently represented by the Mexico City-based, futuristic club night, clothing brand, and label known as NAHFEE, DJ Smurphy is an extremely talented electronic music producer, DJ and visual artist, born and raised in Mexico City. Her music draws on influences as diverse as house, techno, traditional latin american musics, punk, pop, musique concrete and I.D.M., but the DJ Smurphy signature sound goes far beyond these musics, and into a forward-thinking, yet very raw, electronic music that pulses with power. This power is not one that a lot of musicians or artists in the world choose to harness; it is one of pure love and honor, but also one of chaos and deconstruction. Much like the nature of the universe, that created all life. This mix is all DJ Smurphy originals, including some unreleased material just for this show. Without further explanation, D.P.I. and N.T.S. proudly present: Smurphy Rhapsody