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Death is not The End - Freedom Songs & Recordings of the SNCC



A focus on the songs and recordings of the SNCC, an influential 60s civil rights group. The first 40mins or so is a broadcast of a 1962 audio documentary record entitled 'Freedom in the Air' - it's a collection of interviews with civil rights activists in Albany, Georgia narrated by the SNCC's Charles Sherrod and interspersed with sermons and congregational singing led by Rev. Ben Gay. It was produced by Alan Lomax & Guy Carawan and released on the SNCC's record label.

This is followed by a April 1965 live recording from UCLA Berkeley of a performance by the Freedom Singers, who were the touring musical group of the SNCC. This was a performance in response to the events at the Selma, Alabama occurring a month previous. They also performed at the 1963 March on Washington.

Then we're played out by selections from Been in the Storm So Long, a collection of spirtuals, children's songs and folktales recorded in Johns Island, South Carolina by Guy Carawan.

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  • Freedom In the Air: A Documentary on Albany, Georgia (1961 - 1962)
  • 2. SNCC Freedom Singers - performing at UCLA 8th April 1965
  • 3. Benj. Bligen & Moving Star Hall Singers - Talkin 'Bout A Good Time
  • 4. Laura Rivers - That's All Right
  • 5. Moving Star Hall - Jesus Knows All About My Troubles
  • 6. Esau Jenkins - Talk
  • 7. Bertha Smith & Moving Star Hall - Lay Down Body
  • 8. Alice Wine - I'm Gonna Sit At The Welcome Table & Prayer
  • 9. Mary Pinckney - Been In The Storm So Long