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Night Shift w/ Diamondstein & William Basinski

Los Angeles, 14.02.23

With Diamondstein

Cold winds, empty street. Diamondstein presents Night Shift - ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.


  • Aindulmedir 
  • Tulpa Twin
  • Akira Rabelais 
    (Gorgeous Curves Lovely Fragments Labyrinthed On Occasions Entwined Charms, A Few Stories At Any Longer Sworn To Gathered From A Guileless Angel And The Hilt Edges Of Old Hearts, If They Do In The Guilt Of Deep Despondency.)
  • Diamondstein
    Peace Between the Stones
  • Jon Hassell 
    Last Night The Moon Came
  • William Basinski
    the clocktower at the beach (1979) (excerpt 1)
  • Pinkcourtesyphone
    serving autosuggestion
  • Loscil, Lawrence English 
  • KMRU 
    A Meditation of Listening
  • Drum & Lace
  • M. Geddes Gengras 
    Discovered Endstate Always
  • France Jobin 
    The Fluidity Of Time Does Not Exist (excerpt)
  • Robert Takahashi Crouch 
    Like A Shipwreck We Die Going Into Ourselves
  • Lucretia DALT
    No Tiempo
  • Claire Rousay 
    Again And Again And Again
  • Natalie Beridze 
    Who Wake The Stars
  • Olga Wojciechowska 
    Recreating Worlds
  • Yann Novak 
    Silence Will Hang In The Air (When We Are Gone)
  • Faten Kanaan 
  • William Basinski 
    O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow
  • Alva Noto, Martin L. Gore, William Basinski