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Night Shift w/ Diamondstein & A Strangely Isolated Place

Los Angeles, 19.01.21

With Diamondstein

Cold winds, empty street. Diamondstein presents Night Shift - ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.


  • Given
    Your Curled Dream
  • Gelsey Bell
    The Tunnel
  • Thme
    For Closure I
  • Miauw
    Zatvoren Zatvor
  • Rod Serling
    The Obsolete Man
  • Camp Of Wolves
    Alluvium & Isolation
  • Sabled Sun 
  • Diamondstein
    Choral Fifths
  • Amina 
  • David Rees 
    A6 Oh Bed
  • Ben Bertrand
    Homework 44
  • Kareem El More
    Wasteland Breaks
  • DVA [Hi:Emotions] 
    B IT
  • Actress
    There’s An Angel In The Shower
  • Will Epstein 
    Trust I
  • Lori Goldston
    What You Can Hear From Here
  • Camp Of Wolves
    Broken Reserves
  • Leyland Kirby 
    A4 - Rotten Rave Tropes
  • I405
    Field Recording
  • 36 
    Soul Boundary
  • Blinkar Från Norr 
    Manifestation Of The Unconscious
  • Quiet Places 
    Track 5
  • Max Würden 
    Constituent Elements
  • Gadi Sassoon 
    Moto Perpetuo
  • Merrin Karras