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Night Shift w/ Diamondstein & Siavash Amini

Los Angeles, 21.01.20

With Diamondstein

Cold winds, empty street. Diamondstein presents Night Shift - ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.


  • Arandal
  • Sangam 
    Fragment Of My Imagination
  • Time Wharp
    Rhodes Noel
  • His Master's Voice 
    Fire Red
  • Leonardus
    Rush Hour (Original Mix)
  • Lucy Roleff
    In The Doorway
  • Petridisch 
    Sonata In D Major
  • N. Strahl
    Elftes Nachtstück: Lichtwebe (Andacht)
  • Deaf Center 
    A Scent
  • Diamondstein 
    Empty in a Time of Need (Diamondstein)
  • Igor Khabarov
  • Sarah Davachi 
    At Hand
  • Thomas Köner 
    The Futurist Manifesto
  • Factor
    Still Counting
  • Mk101
  • Akira Rabelais 
    1382 Wyclif Gen. II. 7 And Spiride In To The Face Of Hym An Entre Of Breth Of Lijf.
  • Giya Kancheli
    Silent Prayer (Excerpt)
  • Laurie Spiegel 
    Three Sonic Spaces III
  • Jacaszek, Kwartludium 
    From A Seashell
  • Alexander Knaifel 
    Svete Tikhiy
  • Jaap Vink 
    En Dehors (1980–1985)
  • Alfred Schnittke 
    Concerto For Choir
  • Alexander Knaifel
    In Air Clean And Unseen
  • Chromatics 
    Blue Moon