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Dimension Door: Scythe


With Pictureplane

Scythe a.k.a Pictureplane takes over Dimension Door, playing new and unreleased musick, classic dungeon synth and atmospheric black metal.


  • Coniferous Myst 
    Moss Upon The Bark Laden Tomb
  • Grimdor 
    Lord Of The Eagles
  • Depressive Silence 
  • Old Tower 
    Ruination, The New Dawn Cometh
  • Thangorodrim 
    Into The Great Battle
  • Scythe 
    Candlelit Descent Down The Initiation Well
  • Hole Dweller 
    A Fireside Reflection Of Snow And Fir
  • Këkht Aräkh 
  • Quest Master 
    Above The Vast Clouds Of The Aquamarine Peak
  • Jim Kirkwood
    Master Of Dragons
  • Mortiis 
    Battles On Ice
  • Scythe
    Dungeon Trance
  • Scythe
    Weeping Blade
  • Forlorn Citadel 
    Dusk I
  • Erang
    Les Sentiments Puissants
  • Bloody Keep 
    The Moon In The Sky That Gives Me Life