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High Noon w/ Mike Wallace

Los Angeles, 24.09.21

Dina Juntila aka Dina J is a Los Angeles based DJ. record collector and music supervisor. "High Noon" is a seated round about of sounds with the idea that the mix is its own OST for some unknown film. Each month features a special guest with a similar sickness.


  • Simon King Of The Witches
  • R. Coccia, G. Rispoli 
  • Stephen Michael Schwartz 
    Get It Up For Love
  • Corviria 
    Long Way To The Sun
  • Dominique Webb 
    Hypnose (Partie 1)
  • Lifetones 
    Good Side
  • Tony Carey 
    Space Invader
  • Lucy Gooch 
    Ash And Orange
  • Gianni Ferrio 
    Valentina (Un Po' Di Tenerezza)
  • Willie Cobbs 
    You Don't Love Me
  • Shape Of The Rain 
  • Tullio De Piscopo Revolt Group
    O Miracolo Adda' Venì
  • Monk Montgomery 
    Fuselage (Part 1)
  • Patrick Abrial 
    Le Diable
  • Quarteto Em Cy 
    Inútil Paisagem
  • Boyer & Courpalay
    Brouillards Sous-Marins
  • This Mortal Coil 
    (Nothing But) Blood
  • Deantoni Parks
    Alright Okay
  • Galt MacDermot 
    Ripped Open By Metal Explosions
  • Taxie
    Rock Don’t Stop
  • Billie Green & The Love Machine
    Who Is She And What Is She To You
  • Christy Essien
    You Can’t Change A Man
  • Billy Green And The Love Machine 
    Midnight And You
  • Paola Casa
    Ice Slipping Away
  • Penny Goodwin
    Too Soon You’re Old
  • Joe Jones 
    The Mindbender
  • Kelly Patterson
    I Love Music
  • Gary Wilson 
    You Keep On Looking
  • Don Brown
    Don’t Lose Your Love
  • Raphaël 
    Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Weldon Irvine 
    Music Is The Key
  • Tom Lewis & The Voices Of Praise
    The Message
  • Patrice Rushen
    You Remind Me