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High Noon: Letter to Florian w/ Dina J

Los Angeles, 08.05.20

Dina Juntila aka Dina J is a Los Angeles based DJ. record collector and music supervisor. "High Noon" is a seated round about of sounds with the idea that the mix is its own OST for some unknown film. Each month features a special guest with a similar sickness.


  • Henry Mancini 
    Mystery Movie Theme
  • Cluster 
  • Kraftwerk 
    The Hall Of Mirrors
  • Romano Musumarra, Claudio Gizzi
    Droid Automat
  • Argo
  • Joaquín Nin-Culmell
    Tonada Volume 4
  • Roger Doyle And Elena Lopez
    Upon The Bank Of The River
  • Neu! 
    Leb' Wohl
  • Philippe Sissman (Grapes Of Death OST)
    Les Raisins De La Mort
  • Laurie Anderson 
    O Superman
  • Hal Willner 
    We Travel The Subways
  • John Scott 
  • Kenji Endo
    Aishu No Tokyo Tower
  • David Bowie 
    V2 Schneider
  • Kraftwerk 
    Franz Schubert
  • Mort Garson 
    Concerto For Philodendron And Pothos
  • DAF
    Der Raeuber Und Der Prinz
  • My Mine 
    Hypnotic Tango
  • Vangelis 
    To The Unknown Man
  • The Stranglers 
    Waltz In Black
  • Kraftwerk 
  • Can 
    Mother Sky
  • Bona Dish 
    8 AM
  • Craig Leon 
    Four Eyes To See The Afterlife
  • Sapho 
    Salon De Musique
  • Zaliva-D