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High Noon w/ Dina J & Lovely Jon: Etudes in Blanc Part Deux

Los Angeles, 24.11.17

Dina Juntila aka Dina J is a Los Angeles based DJ. record collector and music supervisor. "High Noon" is a seated round about of sounds with the idea that the mix is its own OST for some unknown film. Each month features a special guest with a similar sickness.

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  • Luis Bacalov
    Voci Bella Citte' Delle Donne OST La Citta' Delle Donne
  • Richard Davis
    Methane Sea-Prelude
  • Richard Schnieder Jr.
    Fata Morgana
  • Stu Phillips
    Tired Of Waiting For You
  • The Soundcarriers
    Signal Blue
  • Gunilla Thorn
    Jealous Women
  • Gabriel Ratchetts (Laurice)
    Dark Side Of Your Face
  • Billy Fury
    Wondrous Place
  • Hajime Kaburag
    Tokyo Drifter
  • The Poppy Family
    What Can The Matter Be?
  • Artie Kane
    Lulu And Michelle
  • Tim Story
    3ft From The Moon
  • In The Distance
  • Serge Bulot
    Baroque Électrique
  • Luis Bacalov
    Partirono Preti, Tornarono... Curati (Western Mood)
  • Lovely Jon
    Etudes In Blanc