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Lara Sarkissian - Armenian Special Vol. 2

Oakland, 23.02.21

Lara Sarkissian presents various sounds and nuances within Armenian music, language around it, and its' journey within the manifolds of Armenian identity construction. Armenian music is a mirror to its' very specific yet complex history. It has taken on many forms through different geographic locations around the world which Armenians were displaced to after genocide, and also years of emigration; musically influential diasporas such as Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Russia and the US. A unique part of Armenian musical history lies in the contributions to other musical communities because of several mass exoduses, and new Armenian sounds that were shaped among other cultures. The Armenian identity is a connector to other cultures and people - an identity that has never been bound to a border. Lara Sarkissian will dive into Armenian music from the homeland and various geographic locations, and specials that focus on Armenian music from a specific country.


  • Arminé Martirossian
    Parérg Shiraki Արմինէ Մարտիրոսեան
  • Jozeph Sefian
    Karoun E Yegel (Spring Has Come)
  • Andre Danik
    Hishir Sirelis
  • Robert Amirkhanian
  • Hovhannes Badalyan
    Yerku Enker
  • Levon Minassian
    Gouses Linem (Feat. Armand Amar & Roselyne Minassian)
  • Lola Khomyants
  • Hamlet Minassian 
    On The Day's
  • Marten Yorgantz
    Ammenaïn Serdov (De Tout Coeur) (With All My Heart)
  • Srbuhi Qeqejyan
    Abroum Em Ko Sirov
  • Arsen Petrosyan 
    Javakhki Shoror
  • Norayr Mnatsakanyan
    Heratsel Es
  • Yervant