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Discostan w/ Nishant Mittal

Los Angeles, 25.09.19

Today's Radio @discostan mix is brought to you by special guest @digginginindia. Digging In India/Nishant Mittal is a 24 year-old vintage enthusiast, his interests ranging from collecting records to tapes to matchboxes to postcards and other weird paraphernalia. His utmost interest lies in collecting (and presenting to the world) unknown and undiscovered funky regional Indian music. He is currently on a mission to collect a record each from all the culturally diverse states of India.

This mix is just a peek at the obscure and funky regional tunes that Nishant adores and collects. This is a mix with all female vocalists and music directors from different cultures and regions of India. The mix starts off with Marathi disco, followed by Sindhi and Tamil disco, then slows its pace with Bengali funk, Kannada synth pop and so on.


  • सुषमा श्रेष्ठ
    बाई अ अशी कशी ही नशा
  • Bhagwanti Navani 
    Dance Kari Yoon
  • Shama Khale & Sanjeevani Khale
    डिस्को धमाल
  • Babla & Kanchan 
    Achcha Hai Tera
  • S. Janaki
    Disco Disco Disco
  • Aarti Mukherji
    Berolam Jei Pore Maxi
  • Gopa Ganguly
    Oh Buy Me, Honey Buy Me
  • The Fabulous Usha Iyer, The Flintstones 
    The Trip
  • Asha Bhosle 
    I Am The Sin
  • Maya Ghosh 
    Ru Ru Ru
  • Chitra
    His Le Pathi
  • Vani Jairam 
    Some One Some Where
  • Sharda 
    Chal Mere Oonta
  • Usha Khanna 
    Hotel Incidental Music (Edit)