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Discostan x Peshkash

Los Angeles, 01.07.20

Discostan is very excited to share the premiere mix by Pakistan-based ethnomusicologist and musician Natasha Noorani for her project Peskhash. An hour-long expedition which attempts to dust off some of the most avant-garde sounds from 20th Century Pakistani music. In memorialising the country’s music, a lot more focus has been on the singer and has often left the music director out of the mix. Brimming with synthesisers, tablas, provocative english catch-phrases and powerful female voices, this episode features the compositions of Sohail Rana, M. Ashraf, Karim Shahab-ud-din, Tafo and many other subversive music directors.

Peshkash is a collective designed to serve as a hub for Pakistan's sonic history. Peshkash is currently developing, maintaining and curating a sound library of archival material including recorded sound art (vinyl, cassette tapes and VHS) and oral narratives to further research and awareness regarding Pakistani music.


  • Sohail Rana 
    Indus Waves
  • Sohail Rana
  • Karim Shahabuddin 
    Camping In A Valley
  • Karim Shahab-Ud-Din
    Aaj Na Socho
  • M. Ashraf
    Tu Bhi Payala Choom Le
  • M. Ashraf
    One Two Three
  • Kamal Ahmed
    Har Sham Guzaro Happy Happy
  • M. Ashraf 
    Dance Music
  • Tafo
    Dil Beqara Mangda Ae Pyar
  • Tafo
    Yeh Aaj Much Ko Kya Hua
  • Tafo
    Dega Dum Dega Dum
  • Master Ijaz
    Sochna Kaisa
  • Lal Mohd Iqbal
    Ulti Ho Gaeen Sub Tadberain
  • M. Ashraf
    Let’s Enjoy Saturday Night