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Discostan: Disco Musical Stories

Los Angeles, 08.06.20

Today on Radio @discostan, we present our take on "Disco Musical Stories", a collection of psychedelic children's songs, lullabies and cartoon soundtracks, from Agadez to Kabul to Jakarta and beyond, from the archives of @arunairani and @pocketqualms (plus a shout out to @pesh.kash for contributing "Bara Mahinay" + @burqasandbeer for Afghan music research). The title is from Sharda's iconic children's album, which inspired our search for these cuts over the last decade. Tune in tonight on NTS Radio, 9-10 PM PST. #discostan


  • Sharda
    Disco Musical Stories Intro
  • Dina Mariana 
    Mari Bergoyang
  • Meena
    Title Music
  • Francis The Great 
    Look Up In The Sky (Négro Nature)
  • Mona Sisters
    Phool Chunain Hum
  • Pari Zangeneh 
    Aye Laili
  • Sharda
    Lovely Morning
  • Rema Lahiri
  • Purab Our Paschim
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Elias Rahbani
    Al Fousoul
  • Sharda
    I Am Peniless
  • Troupe Ecole Tudu 
  • Sohail Rana And The Children
    Bara Mahinay
  • Captain Majid
    Theme Song
  • Sohail Rana, Computer Bhaiya, And The Children
    Shawa Bhai Shawa
  • Jawad Hussain
    Mala Jawab Raka
  • Magida Al Roumi & The Children
    El Asfoura
  • Unknown
  • Lata Ramasar 
    The Greatest Name That Lives
  • Pari Zangeneh 
    Baroun Barouneh
  • Mr. Natwarlal
    Mere Paas Aao Mere Doston