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DJ QU Presents: The Strength Music Hour - david mancuso Special

New Jersey, 23.11.16

Focus on David Mancuso

New Jersey native DJ Qu is a producer, DJ, and head of the Strength Music imprint. Tune in once a month for an hour of raw house and old soul tracks.


  • Affinity 
    Don't Go Away
  • SalSoul Orchestra
    SalSoul Rainbow
  • Blue Magic 
    Welcome To The Club
  • Eddy Grant 
    Nobody's Got Time
  • Exodus 
    Together Forever
  • SalSoul Orchestra
    212n. 12th
  • Bohannon 
    Let's Start The Dance
  • Pleasure 
    Take A Chance
  • War 
    City, Country, City
  • Fela Anikulapo Kuti 
    Upside Down