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DJ Taye w/ DJ Manny - Tribute To Rashad

Chicago, 03.10.20

With DJ Taye

DJ Taye’s monthly transmissions are a peek into the bass-thumping, frenetic sonic world of one of the most potent, innovative acts to emerge from Chicago’s footwork scene.


  • Taye’s
  • Taye
    PartyHeart Instrumental
  • Crime Mob feat. Lil Scrappy 
    Knuck If You Buck
  • Taye
    BeastieBoys Rx Instrumental
  • Soulja Boy
  • Taye
    Photo Of U (Erika De Casier Remix)
  • Taye
    Verbose Boot
  • DJ Earl feat. DJ Rashad, DJ Taye 
  • DJ Rashad 
    Feel Da Soundz
  • Deejay Taye 
    Give It To Her
  • DJ Taye
  • DJ Taye
    Front On Me
  • DJ Taye
    Dante’s Inferno
  • Natalie Slade Feat. DJ Taye
    Love Light (Remix)
  • Natalie Slade 
    Gimme Ya Love
  • Ridge Racer 4
    Lucid Rhythms
  • Tekken 4
    Touch And Go
  • Zelda (Cadence Of Hyrule)
    Cave (Lofi)
  • Manny’s
  • Manny Ft Rolow
    Stole My Love
  • Gantman
  • Manny & Phil
    Having Fun Manny
  • Manny & Dj Clent
    Star Trak Manny -Drop It Down
  • Dj Phil
  • DJ Manny 
    Serious Drug
  • Gantman
    Night Of The Living Juke Manny
  • Manny
    You Got It
  • Dj Rashad
    On The Run
  • DJ Manny 
    All I Need
  • Dj Phil & Manny
    Those Feelings
  • DJ Manny 
    Ciao Bass
  • Paul Johnson 
    Dance With Me (Lil Tal Radio Edit)