Doing Time w/ Sam Don

London, 17.11.19

Hampus Time presents Doing Time; classic sounds and unknown gems in a free-wheeling, anything-goes atmosphere: Disco, House, Italo & more.


  • Jennifer
    Do For Love
  • Psychemagik
    In The Right Place
  • Psychemagik, Quinn Lamont Luke
    We Can Be One
  • Haruomi Hosono
    Another Later Option (Massey Mix)
  • Marilyn Freeman
    I'll Be Around (Tribute To Marvin Gaye, Jr.)
  • Ruddy Thomas
    All This Love
  • Paris Bis
    Unis Dans La Nuit Unique
  • Alex Simon
    Runnin' Out Of Time (Vocal)
  • Johnny Davis
    Expand Your Mind
  • Guilherme Arantes
    Ouro (Running Hot's Golden Edit)
  • Good Block
    Ryu's Dream
  • Kofi
    Step By Step (Smoothed Out Mix)
  • Unknown
    Rising To The Top (White Label)
  • Isabelle Antena
    Laying On The Sofa
  • Emessa
    Vision De La Nuit
  • Dream Chimney
    You Belong To Me (Dub)
  • Wilton Felder
    Let’s Dance Together
  • Mandoza
    Sikhathi Sewashi
  • Deray ( Jim Shifflett, Tony Bennett mix )
    Boy Meets Girl (Radio Edit)
  • Arthur Russell
    In The Light Of The Miracle (Volcov Edit)
  • Bernardino Femminielli
    Plaisirs Américains
  • Rohan Delano
    Inflight (Seelie's Freedom Edit)
  • Kojo Antwi
    Hini Mi
  • Frankie Valentine
    Zumbi (Henrick Schwarz Dub)
  • V4 Visions
    Nation Of Islam
  • The Dancing Woo Lee Masters
    Serious Partyn
  • Gin Tonic Orchestra
  • Charnissa
    When Can We Do This Again

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