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Doing Time

London, 08.03.20

Hampus Time presents Doing Time; classic sounds and unknown gems in a free-wheeling, anything-goes atmosphere: Disco, House, Italo & more.


  • Trevor Heroins
    Love Chains
  • Native 
    Love Ain't No Holiday
  • Clarence McCow
    Love On Time (Dub Version)
  • NW10
    Love Got The Feeling ( Dub Version)
  • Stigma
    Remember (Dub Version)
  • Tx Dub
    Make It (Dub Version)
  • Private Collection 
    Slow Dub
  • Third World 
  • HAT2000 
    More Signs
  • Powerman 
    God Love
  • Bare Foot Man
    Ram Dance Man (Instrumental)
  • Spider Ranks 
    Late Night Blues (Version)
  • Fleurette Edwards 
  • Christopher Williams
    Solidarity (Feat. Papa San)
  • Opal 
    Is It True?
  • Kofi 
    Step By Step (Smoothed Out Mix)
  • Beverley Skeete
    Warm (Instrumental)
  • Rosanne 
    This Is The Night
  • Mikey D. 
    I Need You (Radioversion)
  • E.J. (Maureen Bell) 
  • Sugar-P 
  • Determine 
    Caan Manage Di Damage
  • Mad Professor
    Oh Hell
  • The Dan 
    Black Is White
  • Undisclosed
  • Raising Cain
    Silence (Rawheap Mix)
  • Nigel Rolfe (Frances Usmar, Nigel Rolfe mix) 
    P.W. Bothas Funeral March