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Dreamscapes W/ JUST B

Berlin, 23.01.24

Dreamscapes with JUST B explores the intricate and surreal facets of the subconscious mind. Drawing inspiration from dream logs and bedtime stories, this ethereal mix seamlessly blends audio recordings with ambient and experimental soundscapes to create an otherworldly sonic journey. Step into the enigmatic realm of dreams with JUST B, ride-or-die best friends (Justine & Bridget) from Lisbon and Berlin.

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  • 0:00:23
    Isao Tomita
    Suite Bergamasque: Claire De Lune, No. 3
  • --:--
    “Le Petit Prince” By Antoine De Saint-Exupéry
  • 0:03:50
    Langley Schools Music Project 
    Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
  • Floating World Pictures
    Fairbairn’s Floating World
  • Susumu Yokota 
    Long Long Silk Bridge
  • Joyce Heath, The Irv Spice Orchestra 
    I Wouldn't Dream Of It
  • This Heat 
  • Huerco S. 
    The Sacred Dance
  • Excerpts
    JUST B Dream Diary
  • Scott Gilmore 
  • Kuniyuki Takahashi 
    Day Dreams
  • Excerpts
    JUST B Dream Diary
  • Karla Borecky 
    Whirling, Whirling
  • Throbbing Gristle 
    Distant Dreams (Part Two)
  • Leila Bordreuil 
    Sleep Cycle
  • Excerpts
    JUST B Dream Diary
  • Deux Filles 
    Silence & Wisdom
  • Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch 
    I Dreamed I Dream
  • His Name Is Alive 
    Dreams Are Of The Body / The Other Body
  • Áine O’Dwyer
    The Little Lord Of Misrule
  • Excerpts
    "Aschenputtel" And "Der Froschkönig" By Gebrüder Grimm, “A Fly Went By” By Mike McClintock, “Stella Luna” By Pamela Reed
  • Future Islands 
    Little Dreamer
  • Excerpts
    JUST B Dream Diary
  • Neal Ford And The Fanatics 
    All I Have To Do Is Dream