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fight milk w/ bagel technician

Oakland, 21.01.24

oh, you thought the faye wong song would be the dreams cover from chungking express?

sounds of ballads and new wave from taiwan, the bay area, and the headspace of a chronically linklater pilled mami

sending love from lower grand radio here in the beautiful bay area

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  • 0:02:40
    憾 Regret
    石青羅林 Shikin Rollin
  • 0:06:21
    Aldous RH
    U & ME
  • Yu Su Ft. Michelle Helene Mackenzie
    Little Birds, Moonbath
  • 2008년 석관동 Seokgwan-Dong, 2008
  • Hausu
    Main Theme
  • RIchard Linklater
    Waking Life
  • Kiss Me
    Six Pence The Richer
  • Prince 
    When 2 R In Love
  • Theresa Teng
  • Discos Resaca Collective
    Sometimes (Feat. Sunny Ozuna)
  • Rafia Duri
    Sumua Bsia Bilang
  • O’Donnel Levy
    Love Story
  • Brief Encounter 
    Where Will I Go
  • deca joins 
  • Elisapie
    Uummati Attanarsimat
  • Faye Wong
    你快樂所以我快樂 (1997 LIVE)
  • Lim Giong 
    A Pure Person